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The seminary is designed to meet the growing need in today's society for specialization in specific fields. Advanced degrees at Shalom do not just emphasize the academic disciplines but also the practical applications of those disciplines.

Admission Policy
The applicant is required to hold an approved bachelor's degree with an acceptable academic and personal record. The general requirements for admission to the Shalom undergraduate program must be fulfilled. All qualified applicants will be accepted without regard to race, nationality, or ethnic origin. The completion of minimum academic requirements does not automatically guarantee the student a degree. A student is expected to demonstrate maturity of Christian character, agreement with the Statement of Faith, competence in the ministry, and dedication to the purpose and doctrinal position of Shalom Baptist Theological Seminary.

Attendance at Shalom Baptist Theological Seminary is a privilege and not a right, and this privilege may be forfeited if the administration considers the student to be not in harmony with the school.

Degree Programs
Shalom Baptist Theological Seminary offers the following academic programs leading to these degrees:

-Master of Biblical Studies
-Master of Religious Education
-Master of Divinity
-Doctor of Ministry
-Doctor of Religious Education

Application Form (pdf)
Pre-Doctoral Preparatory Program (pdf)

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