Dr. Enoch C. Kumar       
P.O. Box # 9519 6th Block, Koramangala Post office
Bangalore- 560095 Karnataka, India

We believe that the local church has two ordinances and that these ordinances picture the saving works of Jesus Christ. These are, namely, water baptism by immersion only (Ephesians 4:5), and the Lord's Supper. While recognizing that water baptism has no saving merit, it is our conviction that after one is saved, baptism is the next step in order to portray to the world that believer's union with Christ in His death, burial and resurrection and with the Lord's local church. We also believe that upon baptism, the believer becomes a member of the local church which is His Body. We believe that Jesus Christ instituted the Lord's Supper to commemorate His death until He comes and that the elements (unleavened bread and the fruit of the vine) symbolically portray the body and blood of Christ. As such, we deny the doctrine of transubstantiation. (Acts 2:41-47; Romans 6:4; I Corinthians 11:23-29, 12:12-27).
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