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living. Because of the number of credit hours devoted to the Bible, Shalom Baptist Bible College & Theological Seminary  does not claim to be the college for everyone. Our curriculum is geared to the serious-minded student who desires to make his or her life count for the Lord Jesus Christ and for eternity.

At Shalom Baptist Bible College & Theological Seminary, every professor is qualified both academically and practically. Each student can draw from years of ministry experience as he teaches, giving the students a practical knowledge of ministry as opposed to mere theory. Ladies at Shalom Baptist Bible College & Theological Seminary are prepared, not for a career, but for a ministry. Their practical training will prepare them to be the wife of a full-time Christian worker or a staff worker in a ministry.

May the Lord give you wisdom as you submit to HIS will in your life,
Dr. Enoch C. Kumar M.Div; D.R.E.; Th.D
Students usually base their choice of a Bible College and Theological Seminary on many criteria; a beautiful campus, a generous scholarship, or a fine array of extra curricular activities. The student who is serious about serving the Lord will, rightly so, consider other important distinctives of the college of choice. The amount of Bible education offered, practical ministry training provided and of course the qualifications, experience, and expertise of the faculty. 

With these Bible classes, the students learn not only the facts of Scripture, but also the application of that Scripture to everyday
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