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Shalom Baptist Bible College & Theological Seminary was founded by Pastor Enoch C. Kumar in October 2005. This institute has met the need for a local-church-based Bible college in South India that would stand for the old-time fundamentals of the faith and train fervent preachers of the Word. The faculty has grown steadily to meet the needs of a growing student body, providing academic quality in the classroom. Emphasis is placed on a consistent application of knowledge rather than just an accumulation of knowledge.

The basic approach of the academic program is a grammatical-historical interpretation of the Scriptures and the application of scriptural principles to the life and work of the individual student preparing for Christian service. We hold to the visible, local church which has real existence as an organization and executes action as a corporate being.

We teach the action Biblical Distinctives of the Baptist: The Bible is the only rule for faith and practice; regenerate and immersed church membership; autonomous church government of two offices; priesthood of believers; soul liberty freedom to interpret the Bible individually; two scriptural ordinances baptism (immersion) and the Lord's Supper; separation of church and state-separation ethically and ecclesiastically.

As a Christian institution of higher learning, we have no embarrassing entanglements with any convention, council, or group which would keep the faculty or administration from exposing apostasy, heresies, and the "sins of the day." We repudiate liberalism, neo-orthodoxy, new evangelicalism, and the modern charismatic movement involving "tongues" and "faith-healers," and women pastors.

The program is intensely practical, emphasizing the spirit of preaching and soul-winning and the preparation for a ministry through the local church.

The attitude of the school toward compromise, worldliness, and pacifism is one which seeks to encourage Christians to take a clear-cut stand. Constant emphasis is placed upon the fundamentals of the faith. Only the King James Version of the Bible in English and the Textus Receptus in Greek are used and recommended at Shalom Baptist Bible College & Theological Seminary.

The objective of Shalom Baptist Bible College & Theological Seminary is to provide thorough training in the Scriptures and in the principles and methods of the local New Testament Baptist Church.

Men and women are developed into godly servants of Christ in their local assemblies. Students are encouraged to understand and develop their spiritual gift and stand uncompromisingly for the Word of God.
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